Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
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Mail and Music

Meh. The most interesting part of my day today was email. The rest was hours worth of reading essays about Orwell. Fun. I have decided they can be put into three categories: Pretentious Orwell Essays, Obsessed with War Orwell Essays, and Orwell For Dummies Essays.

But, onto my emails:

Well, Anna was kind enough to send me a whole bunch of Weird Al Star Wars parodies. Which added a lot of much needed amusement to my day. They had me in giggles when I probably should have been studying, but what the Hell. Oh, and I have decided that "The Saga Begins" has got to be the world's saddest funny song ever. It's definitely the first song that has managed to both make me laugh out loud, and almost move me to tears in the one play through, definitely.

On other music-ness: You know you have been thinking about Star Wars way too much when your random playlist comes up with the song "High Ground", and you are yet again almost moved to tears.

But, look at the lyrics:

On the high ground
You're there on your own
From the high ground

And from down here we can feel it
You can move the mountain with your pain
They all want to be near you
And then too soon drive home again
'Cause grief is like that
And you're like a captain on her ship -
In the end you stand alone

On the high ground
You're there on your own
From the high ground
You see the mourners have gone home
On the high ground
You're there on your own

It's just so fitting! And in writing that, I am sure I have caused a crappy songfic to be written somewhere...

Oh, and my other email of note was from my Mum in America, talking about my Uncle's place in Philadelphia, and history I so did not need to know. Though she mentioned that she was going to New York next week, and asked me to supply a list of things that I want - apparently CDs are quite cheap. Which was not a good thing to suggest, when you consider the vast amount of CDs I wish I owned...

Study sucks. *pouts*

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