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That post on the new FMA episodes I said I was going to do.

So, the last few episode of FMA:B have been kind of awesome, haven't they?

I'll admit I'm somewhat biased, since I'm one of those people who prefer the manga to the old anime and the recent episodes contained several things that I was most looking forward to seeing animated, namely the Winry-Scar showdown, which totally had me tearing up when I watched it, as well as lots of Ling awesomeness. And Ran Fan/Lan Fan/whatever and her famous epic badass moment - and boy, I really liked how they played the animated version of that. Almost as good was Ling's DYNAMIC ENTRY moment, which I need to rewatch for epic points. And we haven't even gotten through the Gluttony's stomache stuff and the birth of Greedling.

Also: I totally called it months ago, but new!FMA has been making Ed/Winry even more blatant than the manga - and it was pretty blatant in he manga.

Not that I'm complaining, what with it being my FMA OTP and all

But yeah, now that they're past the previously adapted stuff and seem to have the pacing issues for the most part sorted out, I've been really, really loving the recent episodes. And really looking forward for the next ones, which is a plus and a minus (It'll be fun to marathon the lot once it finishes, and see how it is to watch that way). It possibly also helps that unlike some of the other mangafen, I'm not rereading chapters immediately before the episode, so I don't get upset when they cut a line/scene I like.

FMA:B was a bit on and off to start with, but I think it's really gotten into the swing of things now, and I am muchos looking forward to seeing the rest of the manga animated.

(Say, anyone know where I can find some really good icons of the last few episodes?)

Oh, and to spin off on a wildly different tangent, when you have time go and hunt down the new Batman: Brave and the Bold episode on YouTube (Or your current source of online video goodness). You won't regret it.

It's called Mayhem of the Music Meister and it's... a musical episode. Of a Batman cartoon. With Neil Patrick Harris voicing the villain.

And it is a thing of joy and hilarity forever. There are songs about taking over the world, and death traps!

This is why I call Batman: Brave and the Bold glorious crack. Because it is cracktastic, and it is glorious.

And since I finished my assignment and there's another week of break to go, I may actually be able to watch some new anime soon, huzzah!
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