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A little bit about curry, but mostly about fandom

Good thing about today: I found a decent, affordable curry place near Interning that didn't serve ridiculously bland food.

Bad thing about today: Instead it went the other way. Curry was hot. I swear, I drunk like a litre of water. Note to self: Be careful about the curries next time I have lunch there.

Anyway, over to fannishness.

FMA:B Dub cast announced! Which is... mostly the same as the first dub cast (With one or two notable changes). 'Course this is only the earliest main characters, so we don't yet know about Ling or Ran Fan or Mei, or any of the characters that haven't yet shown up in the Japanese airing. So I'll have to wait and see who gets Ling.

Anyone know when dub's going to come out?

On the Japanese airing, have seen the newest episode (LOL BOOT! EW ENVY!) and we are rapidly closing in on the bit where [spoiler] becomes [spoiler], which I greatly looking forward to. Partially because, you know, awesome, and partially because the reactions from the non-manga fans are going to be so worth a look.

Anyone know when the opening and endings are due to change? 'Cos it's closing in on that time, and I want to join the stream for the new ones.

The other bit of fannish activity has been with my newest fandom, AKA Code Geass (Yes, once more I am late to jump on the Internets Bandwagon). I will actually get round to talking about it properly, once my next anime reviews post goes up. Which may be a while. Sorry. But hi to the n00bs on my flist, since you're mostly Geass fans!

Anyhow, as of yesterday it was one year to date since the final episode aired, so cue upturn of activity. Not that it was busy busy, but a couple of long fics I followed got new chapters added, and Pixiv had an explosion of pretty, pretty fanart. Which I need an online translator to navigate, but hey! Shiny things!

And to tie this post up into a nice fannish bow, I bring you these two bits of Geass fanart, in which someone has drawn Lelouch and Nunnally... in the style of the current FMA:B ED (That'd be "Let It Out" for the folks playing at home).

Oh fannish synchronicity.
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