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Look, there are some things that should not just sneak up on you like that

Oh, argh. Surprise Daylight Savings went and screwed up me good today, and that was on top of finding out in the middle of the night that my phone battery had died, and my phone didn't even have the decency to do that obnoxious beeping to remind me to recharge it. Which meant I missed several calls from my mother informing me she was in Melbourne and wanted me to come out for dinner with her and The Sister.

Yeah, that was kind of annoying.

On the plus side, the other day the HouseMatt came home utterly smashed, and proceeded to provide fa11ing_away and me with much entertainment. And lulz. Lots and lots of lulz.

Amongst other things, we ended up quoting large chunks of Romeo and Juliet at each other. Don't ask me why, since as far as I am aware the HouseMatt was the only one who'd been drinking.

And so ends my mid-semester break. *sigh*

In fannish news, I really hope the translators are quick with this weeks FMA, because there is flailing about it on my flist, and judging from the screencaps I've seen, I really want to see it. (And then there's rumours the next episode is going to include some anime-only Hohenheim flashbacks, and, well, it's Hoho!flashbacks. How could I possibly resist?)

And I am totally open to discussions of Unseen Academicals, since I am finished (and looking at discworld, so have some others). I quite liked it, though that is a given seeing as it's a Discworld book. It doesn't top Night Watch or several others of my absolute favourites, but I'll have to reread before I decide about where it fits on my personal ratings
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