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A post that isn't entirely about FMA!

FMA scanlations are up! But not on OneManga for some reason. Huh.

...And yeah, the flipping out from the fanbase was kinda justified. (If overshadowing some of the other major shit that went down in this chapter).

So taking it from the top,

-Ran Fan was kind of epic and also heartbreaking. (Also, Bradley is still not freaking dead! I'm think he'll meet up with Pride and it'll be nom nom tiems, but I still think the Mrs Bradley thing isn't resolved - Unless she witnesses that, in which ouch).

- If I didn't totally love Greedling before, I would because of this chapter in how desperate he was to keep people alive. Totally feeling the pain that comes with being a leader there, BB. Not to mention the loss and loneliness of immortality. Poor Bastard. He's either going to end up a brilliant Emperor now, or completely give up on the idea. (Also, Fu and Buccaneer were utterly heartbreaking) His badass rage at the end was also kinda epic - way to blow up a car with your bare hands, man!

- Oh Ed and Izumi, I love you so. And Al, which I have to say what the shit is going on with Al? The common theory is that his soul is heading back to his body, but I'm very nervous right now.

- Epic Nightmare Fuel from Father, who is not only still in freaky eye/shadow monster form, but also demonstrating where Pride got his eating people tendencies from. Ugh. Squick. Poor Hoho - we haven't seen the last of him, but ouch! (Also, that's so going to come back and bite Father.)

- And the bit everyone is talking about, where that Doctor (Who really needs to get a name, or at least an acceptable fannish nickname we can stick him with) seems to be shooting for biggest bastard in fewest manga panels, in that he tries to get Roy to be the final sacrifice... but cutting Hawkeye's throat in front of him. Cue cliffhanger and hordes of freaking fans, who have to wait a month to discover if/how Hawkeye survives, and how Roy responds.

- And aside from those, Pride and Mei are still MIA (and lots of more minor characters, since we know Arakawa loves them)

Yeah, lots of epic in FMA these days. Anyone willing to take a guess on how many more chapters we will have?

And to talk about something that isn't Fullmetal Alchemist: You know, I don't normally buy hamburgers. Well, vegetarian, duh. But I saw this one when I was in the city today, and I just could not resist.

A picture of the hamburger I bought:

And one with my copy of Unseen Academicals for scale:

How could I possibly resist?
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