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I'm totally sending bad karma in their direction right now


You know what really bugs me? When you are doing a group project for Uni, and your group specifically decides (and emails everyone as a reminder) to ensure you work is uploaded the Thursday before it is due, so you have time in class for edits and reformatting and conclusions and stuff. And half the people don't bother. And it's due on Monday.


So now I have to head into Uni on Sunday morning, so we can meet up and sort that stuff out. Which is irritating and blatantly not fair. I finished my section on Tuesday

...Which means weekend reworking. I'll have to go to Armageddon on Saturday, since I don't know how long it'll take on Sunday. As far as I can tell, the only thing I'll be missing out on is the AMV winners, which is sad, but livable.

And on Friday evening, fa11ing_away has decided to have an impromptu... something. Which will involve alcohol. Which I don't mind (Hey, party type things are always fun), per se, I just hope I get enough sleep.

...I have a social life again. No idea how that happened.
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