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What I did on my weekend

Well, that didn't go too badly at all. Didn't even end up with epic sleep failure like I expected, either.

But yes, there was a weekend! And I actually did things! I am astounded, too.

On Friday was fa11ing_away's thing. Which initially looked like it was going to be a washout, because of all the piking pikers, but people did eventually show up. Gradually, and mostly quite late, but hey. There was chatty funtimes and silly and pizza and alacamahols. I drank my blackberry vodka I got in Jordan! Um, all of it. Which may kind of explain why fa11ing_away cut me off at like 11.

Though I'm not sure anything can explain why she made me wear that pirate hat. Such is life.

But 'twas fun.

Then on Saturday, I went to Armageddon. Which was also fun, though I think I have been to better cons, even in my limited experience. The panels I went to were alright, though there weren't many I was interested in, and yet again I ran into That Person I Run Into At Conventions, which makes three for three conventions this year (Her name is Matty... I think. I hope it is, because she remembered my name) I caught up with frabjously at the end of the day, and we hung out for a bit, and had something to eat over at Crown.

I ended up buying some comics and a few manga volumes (Utena and Detroit Metal City, to be precise, and yes I can see the contrast there). And a Dr Horrible DVD. And some cat ears, because they made me dawww. Considered buying some DVDs from Madman, but the ones that interested me were still a bit too expensive for my liking. Maybe I'll wait until JB Hi-Fi has a sale (or Anime shop of dubious legality gets some new stock)

As for the signings, I got Nicola Scott to sign the trade of Secret Six I just bought (She was fun, actually). Over at the animation signings, I got autographs from Laura Bailey aka Lust, and Travis Willingham aka Roy Mustang, who is very nice but spelt my name wrong. Incidentally, I chatted with them both about Brotherhood, and recording has started. Oh, and Travis has watched up to episode 19, and he is very much looking forward to recording that. Really. There was evil laughter involved.

Oh, and in what is becoming a convention tradition, I got photographed by some random dude, and I also got asked who I was cosplaying as. Which is slightly more justifiable than previous times, since I was wearing a kimono and a top hat.

...You know, one of these days, I am actually going to do what I have been tempted to, and claim that I am actually cosplaying as a character from some incredibly obscure (and completely fictional) anime no-one in Australia has heard of. Of course, that would entail having to come up with a name for it. And the character I am pretending to be. And possibly a plot if anyone asked.

Flist, you are totally welcome to help me invent a bullshit anime.

And today, there was the horror of having to go into Uni to complete our group assignment. Which actually went quite well (apart from the "going into Uni on Sunday morning" part of things). I basically just had to redo my work so I was citing things in footnotes rather than in text, and then help write the intro. And someone else is going to hand it in tomorrow, so that's that completed. Took less than two hours, even.

And that was my weekend. Onto reading that new Hitchhikers-Book-that-isn't-written-by-Douglas-Adams. Thus far, I don't hate it. It's not Douglas Adams, but I don't hate it. Any further opinions are pending.

So... hows about that new FMA:B episode? I hear Shit Went Down.
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