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Totally not playing "How Gratuitous Is Your Post"

I have new icons! Erm, again. Yeah, yeah, I know, 199 icon spaces and it still isn't enough. Ain't life grand.

Speaking of life, right now it's sort of incredibly dull, though I do have a few things of interest and/or educational necessity coming up. Which is what I get for being spectacularly uninterested in the Melbourne Cup. (I wasn't in any sweepstakes, so really...)

So instead I've been doing gratuitously Internetty things. Like, say, finding new icons. Or, after a certain conversation on my flist, going on an interesting AMV hunt. Which was... interesting.

I think my best find has to be this. "This" being a remake of the Utena OP with, of all things, Code Geass characters. And despite the kind of crack sounding concept, it actually pulls it off very well. Though I think trying to work out which character is substituting for which might make your brain explode. My favourite bit is probably the montage that is presumably set during the R2 21 one-month timeskip. Because LOL)

And to go off on a completely unrelated tangent - Well, not so unrelated, since it's also gratuitous and Internetty - I have been uploading my Egypt photos today.

Yes, it isn't a proper post for them, and yes, this is ridiculously, ridiculously late. But hey, you can look now. At some point soon I'll pick out some of my favourites and do explanations; for now, feel free to look through them and ask about any of them that strikes your curiosity.
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