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What, me post about FMA? Really?

Huh. Free time, I'd almost forgotten what that was like.

Not that I'm entirely free - I still have to study for my (one) exam, and write up my reflective essay or my internship. But classes are done, all my other assignments are done, and as of this Friday, my Internship will be done, too.

So, yeah. I actually have a bit of time to kill now. Which would be fun if it wasn't so damned hot.

So in order to take advantage of this shiny wonderful thing, today I... slept in really, really late. And fa11ing_away and I went to the pool. I haven't been to the pool in ages.

While I am on that note: Happy Birthday, fa11ing_away! *\o/*

For the more fannishly inclined, I am now all caught up on my FMA, both manga and new anime.

For the new anime, while I agree with the people who were somewhat disappointed at how some of the manga stuff on Ishbal was cut (there were some really, really good scenes), I'm not exactly going to raise a fuss, given it's entirely likely we may get more flashbacks later. I'm not sure how several straight episodes of flashback would mess with the stories pacing (The Ishbal stuff would really be more suited to a movie adaptation, anyway).

And as of the most recent episode... I really need a Kimblee icon. Because man, seeing him animated reminded me of what a brilliantly menacing psychotic bastard he is. Shine on, you entertainingly batshit whacko!

I also confess to being highly amused by this.

As for the manga, totally unsurprised that Riza lived, and that it didn't take human transmutation to fix. But still quite relieved by it, anyhow. And the bit with the hug and Riza totally pushing Roy around was amusing and so... them. (On that note, and trying to avoid the mildly wanky debate that's floating around: While I do kind of ship them, and I believe they have everything that it would entail to make a relationship work, I don't think they are a canon couple. Not yet, anyway. They work as a ship, because they work as a partnership, and not everything they do together is about their romance.)

Oh, and I knew Mei was around for a reason, which is why I am unsurprised she showed up for healing tiems.

...And naturally, this'd be the point where Bradley shows up to be the incredibly Badass bastard that he is, and decides to get exceedingly painful on them. And Pride, as always, is a horrifying creeper.

Cue the actual eclipse staring which means the climax is staring us in the face, yes? So next month we had better find out what is going on with Al. And we need to see Ed leading the big showdown since, well, the story is named after him. (That said, I can see why he's been held back from the big fights, lately. Spread the load, and then give the climax to the hero.

...Huh. Had more to say on that chapter than I expected.
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