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And that would be the end of that

And so endeth my Internship. Last day and all today.

At least it ended on a good note. If by "good note" one means "had very little work to do, so spent most of the day messing around on the Internet and chatting with people who came up to ask how I liked my time there. And to compliment my haircut."

(Yeah, I got my hair cut the other day. It is now... much shorter than it used to be. Possibly the shortest I have ever had it. I was going to take a picture to show you guys, but I couldn't get a decent one - as always, I Do Not Photograph Well - so no camwhoring for you.)

Anyway, back to Interning. My supervisor gave me what sounded like a decent enough write-up. And we had an ice-cream party for my last day. No, really - at afternoon tea, someone brought in ice-cream and mini cones, and we ate that. Which was very nice of them.

So now I just need to do the reflective essay, which will be easy. Huzzah!

Also: Have a meme.

Leave me a comment saying "UNICORNSICE-CREAM!"
I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

I grabbed this from robotlove, and she asked me the following questions:

1. All the countries you've been to so far and the one you like best!
Excluding Australia ('Cos I live here), I've been to New Zealand, - I was like a year old, so I don't remember it - Thailand, Egypt and Jordan. And technically Singapore, though I never left the airport.

As for my favourite... While the competition is probably down to between Thailand and Egypt, which both have very, very good points, Egypt most likely wins out on the basis that it's got a wider range of cool stuff. Including resorty beachy things if you go to the Red Sea.

2. Favorite color
Hot pink. Not the pale or salmon pinks, though I still like those, but the really bright, bold hot pink. Yeah, it's one of my particularly girly moments.

3. Least favorite Geass character
Kinda grateful this was phrased as "least favourite" rather than "most disliked", mainly because I don't really hate any of the Code Geass characters. There's characters I love, characters I like, characters that amuse me, characters that interest me (without liking them), and characters I don't care about/find mildly annoying.

Anyway, it depend if we are talking about overall opinion, or at a specific point. The closest I came to hating any Geass character is when the Suzaku-Lelouch meet-up got interrupted just as they were about to work together. I had a moment of ARGH RAGE at Schneizel over that. Overall, though, it's probably... Rolo. Not because of any actual dislike for him, I just didn't care about him at all, and I spent most of the time that was focused on him wishing they'd focus on characters I actually cared about. I appreciate what his death meant in terms of Lelouch's development, but as a character in and of himself, I am just profoundly apathetic to Rolo.

4. Favorite subject

No idea. Creative Writing classes are the most fun, even if in educational terms they are probably the least productive; sociology and psychology tend to have interesting lectures, but dull assignments. That class I had a few years back on Cybersocieties was great though. And anything about Media and Culture is good.

5. Why vegetarian, and which of all veg food do you like best? :D
I'm not vegetarian for any particularly moral reason, I just don't like the taste of meat - even before I became a vego, I never ate much red meat - and the idea of eating something's flesh kind of squicks me out. A lot. But because my reasons are so subjective, you'll never hear me try to convert others or anything.

And as for food... maybe a curry. Actually, probably definitely curry. I remember out last day in Jordan, when I'd been away from Australia and my Indian take-away joint for three weeks, and I went to the hotel restaurant and had a veggie curry for lunch. OM NOM NOM! I still don't know if that place actually made amazing curries, or if it was just the joy of having one after living off the somewhat small range of tour vegetarian options for three weeks.

I reserve the right to ask people exceedingly stupid and/or random questions if they respond to this meme.
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