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Well then, in approximately an hour, Mother Dearest will be picking me up and we will head out to the airport for our exciting and wonderful trip to Cambodia and Singapore.

Which means I am currently sitting around, eating lunch, and trying to remember what I've forgotten to pack. Which is just as useful as you can imagine, really. (Any useful suggestions must come in the next hour, please.)

...Incidentally, it appears that the not-so-long and glorious tradition of Important Australian NewsTM occurring every time I go overseas is also being upheld. So, when we went to Thailand, it was election results; for Egypt, it was the bushfires. And this time, it seems to be the impending implosion of the Liberal Party.


Anyway, until I get back on the 9th of December (Australian time), I shall be MIA and mostly Internetless. I'll probably be posting updates to my Twitter - which incidentally I have set up a feed to my LJ for - if you want to know what I'm up to.

Unfortunately, I'll have no idea what anyone else is up to, fandom or otherwise. So feel free to drop a link to any posts or anything interesting if you want me to see it when I get back, because I doubt I'll be backreading 10 days worth of flist.

So... see you guys in a bit! *waves*
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