Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

One Down...

...And two to go. *sighs*

At least Psych is over and done with for this semester, anyway. But that gets rid of the slack multi-choice exam - now my exams will actually require effort.

The exam was...mixed. Some of the questions were pitifully easy, some I remember from study, and some I just looked at and went "What the?" (and then randomly guessed the answer by looking at the dots I'd filled in) The Quant Methods section was easy - which pretty much summed up the lectures. Boring, but easy. The fun stuff = not so easy.

Oh, well.

I still managed to finish the questions with three-quarters of an hour left, which meant I took off rather ASAP. And I wasn't the first to leave - some took off ages before me. It was quite strange, actually.

And my table! It was all wobbly! It was driving me freaking MENTAL!

Oh, and a piece of advice: Cramming all morning, skipping lunch for more cramming, and then having a coffee right before the exam = really not a good idea. Though it did make things interesting, I must admit.

After the exam, I went and wandered past the Gelati place, where I had some of the BEST flavour EVER: LIME! And also the chocolate, which was quite good.

Eepies! Programming exam on Friday!

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