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Things what I have been Twittering about today - Eldritch Lacemaking and other Randomness

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December 2nd, 2009

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03:03 am - Things what I have been Twittering about today
  • 12:12 Things my sister has learnt today: dont put boiling water in a plastic bottle. #
  • 13:05 Cue i'm on a boat. #
  • 13:18 An adorable child just sailed by and tried to sell up drinks. #
  • 16:55 I just had curry out of a coconut. #
  • 17:41 Yay for free hotel Internets! #
  • 19:36 And we just had a power outage at the hotel. #
  • 23:04 Hotel room, now with bonus lizard. #
  • 01:31 Cocktail of the day: tara daquiri aka watermelon daquiri. #
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