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Back in Australialand!

And so the holiday is ended. Woe. It was rather fun.

Anyway, back to Ye Old Australia, and feeling much better after a shower. Forgive me if I get confused about what day it is, I spent an entire day in Singapore shopping doing things, then caught a plane at 9pm, and arrived back here local time at 7am. There was no sleep at any point.

Also, my apologies to robotlove to the lack of reply to her email, or texts while in Singapore. The hotel in Singapore didn't have free Internet, and I had better things to spend my money.

On that note: What's all this about new Code Geass? No, seriously, what's all this? I am very confused at the mixed information being thrown around, and I do not know teh moonspeak to be able to go direct to the source myself. But I so called it that any new info would come out at the birthday thing.

And while I'm on that, what's new in my other fandoms? Or in non-fandomness for that matter. I'm feeling out of touch with both reality and fantasy right now.

ETA: Also, thank you to everyone who left a snowflake gift thingamy for me. ♥

Tags: fandom: code geass, holiday: cambodia/singapore, i need sleep

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