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I kind of regret no longer having the Cthulu/FSM icon on LJ now

So it turns out the inexplicable extra bandwidth was not a mistake after all! Just a change in the Internet plan set up. Which, well, I can so totally live with.

Also, I just played several games of a Cthulu based card game. I was winning the first game, until I lost my sanity. But I actually won the second game! And I didn't go insane! Huzzah! \o/

And in more serious news, fa11ing_away just got an interstate job offer. Which is wonderful news for her and all, but it does mean that, as of the middle of January, the iPartment is going to be one person down. So, if any of guys in Melbourne are looking for a house to share - or know of someone who is - let me know ASAP, and we can talk over email or AIM or something about the details.

...Yeah, getting a new housemate is kinda important about now.
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