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*abuses this one Christmas icon horribly*

So, I've finished my Christmas shopping. *\o/*

Though I probably shouldn't have done it all in one day. By the end of it, my arms were full of bags and they were painful to carry. Yowch.

And our plans for actual Christmas seem to be on the worked out side of things. So, I'll be heading down to Ye Olde Hamilton on the 23rd (I think, pending travel arrangements), and stay with Mum for Christmas Eve and Christmas, having Christmas dinner at her place. Then on Boxing Day, we are apparently heading over to Adelaide for a few days. Yes, yes, I know, LOL ADELAIDE. Anyone know if there's going to be anything fun to do at Adelaide just after Christmas?

And after a couple of days there, we head back to Hamilton, and then myself and The Sister head back to Melbourne a bit after that. So I'll be back at the iPartment maybe on the 29th? Ish?

Before New Years, anyway, which reminds me, anyone got any plans for New Years?

...And now all that's left to do is wrap presents, and back for the Christmas break. And catch up on fandom things.
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