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Adorable last minute presentage ahoy!

Oh amusement.

So, I put out my presents for fa11ing_away and the HouseMatt, since I honestly have no idea if I'm going to get another chance to see those two before, well, Christmas, what with heading off tomorrow.

So, when fa11ing_away got home from work, and started frantically rushing around to put my present together, she didn't have any cards left.

So, instead she drew my one. With a chibi Ed Elric in a Santa hat on the front.

It's really quite adorable. I'll have to take a picture or scan or whatever at some point.

Yes, it was blatantly inspired by the fact that when she asked for a few minutes to get things I ready, I told her I'd kill time watching the newest FMA episode.

And now I must pack for Christmas, since I've scrounged a lift with The Sister and her BFF tomorrow morning. God, I am getting so damned fed up with all this packing.

No idea how likely I am to update/read my flist over the next week or so. Depends on how busy I am, and how much Internet time I have.

But Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/[insert holiday greeting of your choice here] all!
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