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Am back from Christmasing

And so that was Christmas. And, um, Adelaide.

Christmas lunch was at Mum's, with her and The Sister and Mum's friend Robyn. Which was entertaining and hey, we got to hear about someone else's family drama for once. (The Sister's BFF - who is also Robyn's daughter - woke her mum up at 7am, having just come from the town jail. No, she hadn't been in jail, some dude beat up her brother and got arrested for it. On Christmas morning.)

Presents were:
- New computer chair from Dad. Which is still at Mum's place, since I didn't fancy taking a freaking chair on the train to Melbourne.
- Sister got me some Body Shop stuff, chocolate, and a copy of the book Where's Bin Laden? (3D version). Cue lulz.
- From Mum there were a bunch of lollies, some flavoured margarita mixers, and a Pandora bracelet. I entirely expect to be getting charms for it for about my next ten birthdays.

Then on Boxing Day we headed off to Adelaide. Which was... Adelaide. It apparently dies at like 5pm in the evening.

We did, however, get to see Sherlock Holmes at the cinema, which was quite a bit of fun.

The Panda's at the zoo were cute! I shall upload pictures, if any of mine actually turn out decent.

Oh, and I am currently boggling over the fact that I didn't get sunburnt at all in Cambodia or Singapore, but I did in freaking Adelaide. WTF, universe?

Next on the schedule: New Years.

Actually, on a vaguely related note, anyone want to go to the movies tomorrow or on Thursday before whatever NYE thing you have going on? I have two free movie tickets that expire at the end of December.
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