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*insert emo going away song here*

And I am now deficient one housemate, now that fa11ing_away has spread her wings for the distant shores of... New South Wales.

Okay, not that distant, but still. She has gone, *sniff* and The New Guy (Who is going to be referred to as such until I come up with a snappy nickname for him) has yet to actually move in, even if his bedroom furniture is down in the store room.

...Which means I am very shortly going to be the Token Female of the iPartment. I am not entirely certain how I feel about this. I must come up with a plot for making the boys my minions, since obviously I am the boss around here

On the plus side, most of the kitchen and living room stuff now belongs to me. And the dodgy washing machine. Thrilling, I know, but hey, more bookshelf space.

And in fannishness and a much more cheerful note, since FMA scanlations don't seem to be up yet and the episode with new OP and ED isn't until tomorrow, I give you THE RETURN OF BATZAKU! (Yes, remember that staggeringly brilliant idea I became enthralled with a few months ago?)

Courtesy of some random artist I found on DeviantArt. Also featuring Lelouch crushing Suzaku's dreams.
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