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Oh look, it's FMA Day! - Eldritch Lacemaking and other Randomness

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January 10th, 2010

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09:59 pm - Oh look, it's FMA Day!
So, today the FMA fandom got a new episode, with an all new OP and ED, and a new scanlated chapter. Damn, it's good to be us.

Firstly, ZOMG CHECK OUT THE NEW OP AND ED HERE! I think I love them both ♥ and I definitely need those full songs.

But yes, lovely shiny awesome OP and ED, though there are screencaps and spoilers for the episode in that link. (From what I could tell the episode wasn't the greatest, but next week, eeee Hoho backstory time!)

I also have other thoughts on the OP and ED, which are both thematically kind of similar, and involve spoilers for those who haven't read the next arc in the manga:

I mentioned this over in the live post, but I really love how with both the OP and ED, they focus a lot on the Elric brothers, and the brothers being seperate - which, IIRC, they are for quite a few chapters until the big battle with Pride - but also focus on them, despite being seperate, collecting up a rather huge number of allies and friends to fight the baddies. Because, well, that's what Ed and Al do, and it is awesome - it's one of the things I love about FMA.

Plus, it means the OP after this - which may very possibly be the final one - will be all about the coup in central. And for all the bitching about lack of Roy and Riza, remember that this was the schemeing section of the manga. They get actiony (and more focus) again when the coup starts.

I was also liking the increased focus on Hohenheim. Because I love Hohenheim and because his role is about to get much bigger. ZOMG backstory next week!

And I was amused by both the Ed-Al Red Oni-Blue Oni moment. And the incredibly blatant Ed/Winry and Al/Mei shipping. Because, well, yeah.

As for chapter 103 of the manga, it was a bit less HOLY SHIT FMA than the last few. But that just meant that it didn't end on an excruciatingly painful cliffhanger like the last few did. It did move a number of plot points forward and there was a lot of awesome (and a few amusing moments), both for our main characters and for the civilians, but slightly less ARGH HOW COULD YOU END IT THERE than last time.

And I was amused at the way Ed asked a whole bunch of the questions fandom has been stuck on for the last month. Oh Arakawa, you either planned this out incredibly well, or you hang out online reading the fan reactions. Or both!

...So can we have the next episode and chapter, plz?
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