Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

How a Bad Day becomes Good.

Okay, so I have an exam tomorrow. And a really should have done a bit more study for it and all.

But Great Scott, today has been a really good day in online terms. Seriously.

I mean, firstly is the aforementioned gaining of Imperial March as ringtone. Which prompted much enjoyment on my part, as well as heading down to the IH library so that Michael could ring me, and then listen to my tone play. Fun...

Also, in a discussion about a "Republicans for Voldemort" bumper sticker she saw, kniblet might end up buying me a t-shirt with that slogan. If it happens, I shall love and adore her, and be her eternal minion, as it is too wonderful for words.

And finally - and arguably, best - over at the Jedi Council Fanfiction Forums, this week is currently Lurker Appreciation Week, where all the authors are trying to convince the lurkers to come out and comment on their stories. And as part of that, I went and delurked at a number of stories earlier this week.

Anyhoo, as one of the activities for the week, a prize was offered for the best delurk so far. And mine won! I actually won Best Delurk! You can find said winning delurk among the comments (second page) here on TKeira_Lea's story "Guardian in the Desert." (Which is a fic I highly recommend)

As a result of this, my prize is that in the next chapter of the story, I personally get to make a cameo appearance - and then get killed off! I get to be the Star Wars equivalent of a Red Shirt! It's freaking brilliant, that's what it is!

It is truly brilliant. And I am so adding it to my favourite links when the chapter gets posting. I'll let everyone know when I make my grand debut, of course.

It has been such a good day, nothing can make me feel bad. Not even my Programming exam tomorrow.

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