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And a gratuitous PLOCK for laurenmitchell

Hey, fa11ing_away, you seem to have left some clothes here in the bathroom. Just what should I actually do with them, since I really have no idea.

On a similar note, I need your new address so I can forward mail to you. Via PM or email or whatever is fine, I just can't recall all your new details right now, and I assume you'll want your mail.

In other news, today I went to lena_supercat's birthday barbecue, which was fun and meant I could catch up with lots of people whom I haven't seen in a while. And, you know, having generally geeky conversations as we hung out by the Yarra. Which was a fun way to spend an afternoon. Apart from the sunburn. Ouch.

In fannish news, I read the newest Jasper Fforde book, Shades of Grey, and rather liked it despite it being rather darker and less comedic than his other books. Pun not intended. Anyone else read it or know of somewhere I could chat on it?

Oh, and over in wankdom, Victoria Bitter has decided to leave fandom! FOR REALZ!!one! Does it count as pseudocide if you say you still have 6 weeks to live?

And in serious news: So, I hear it really sucks to be in Haiti about now. I must go through the stuff at help_haiti and see if any fan-artists/icon makers/fic writers I like are offering their services.
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