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*spins around on my chair again*

FUCK YEAH NEW COMPUTER CHAIR! *\o/* Well, got for Christmas sort of new, anyway.

...SHUT UP, MY NEW COMPUTER CHAIR IS AWESOME! And you'd think so too, if you'd spent the last four years with an old chair you'd yoinked from a nature strip. (Look, it was free, and I am a Uni student. The logic there is obvious. I just had to put up with the fact that the stuffing of the seat was leaking, and it was no longer adjustable)

Look, it spins and goes up and down and I can roll around my room, and the back can be adjusted! It actually has a decent back...

Okay, I probably ought to cut back on the spinning, it's making me dizzy.

Anyway, last night I went to the tennis with Mum and The Sister. First match was Lleyton Hewitt versus Baghdatis, which started out with a set and a half of Hewitt trouncing Baghdatis, before Baghdatis retired due to injury. Which may explain said trouncing.

This was admittedly somewhat disappointing, given the two have something of a history of epic matches, but what can you do?

Next match was between two female players whom I had never heard of before. Which ended up rather more interesting than the first one, even if it was a straight sets victory, mainly because at least there were some decent rallies going on before people won.

Look at me, talking like I know shit about tennis...
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