Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

Episode Two: Attack of the Semi-Colons

So, another exam is down. In this case it was the dreaded Programming (Advanced) one. Current status of exam = I am pretty certain I have passed. Not well, but a pass is good enough for me right now.

Of the five questions in said exam, the first and last were quite easy, so I got them done first. Of the other - more difficult - three, I managed to complete one entirely, get one finished but only in the easy form (so, I won't receive full marks), and the final question I ran out of time to finish. Oh well.

So, not as bad as I had thought. However, this leaves me with only one exam left, but it's the big baddie. Maths. *insert dramatic music here*

You know, I think my SW Prequel metaphor is holding up quite well when it comes to exams.

Episode 1 = Psych. Not a big problem, and very simplistic, child-like style (multiple choice)

Episode 2 = Programming. A bit more grown up, with sections of hard struggle, and also soppily pathetic bits.

Episode 3 = Maths. Pain, chaos, evilness. Where everything goes to Hell.

*le sigh*

In other news, shopping! Spent probably far too much for my own good today, but I do now have new badges, new tops, and new Pratchett books.

Discovered a cheap chain store, having a end of season sale was also having a three-hour 50% off everything sale. So ended up with four tops and a necklace for under sixteen dollars. Score!

Oh, and have discovered that Borders at Melbourne Central was having this deal how if you spent over $75 in one purchase, you can then get a copy of HBP when it comes out for only $15. So that was done.

Sales are Teh Love.

On the subject of HBP, what have you Second Floor types got arranged for the opening? And more importantly, does anyone have a place I can crash for from then until about the 25th of July, when I go back to college?

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