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And today's dose of DO NOT WANT is...

So, this afternoon, our hot water heater sprung a leak.

Aaand the plumber won't be showing up until some time tomorrow. (No, I don't have any more precise time frame than that. Just... tomorrow).

So the iPartment is currently without hot water.



On a less irritating note, courtesy of csakuras I do believe, we have some fannish trivia I have just found out: Apparently, Hiromu Arakawa is a mother! Oh, and her son is about two years old - which means she managed to give birth and raise a baby without ever getting behind schedule on Fullmetal Alchemist.

Which is really quite impressive.

Actually, there's some speculation over at that link that the time frame explains a hospitalisation of hers a few years back (Just after the ED NOT DED thing) - which, if I have my dates correct, means that her baby was born at about the time that I started reading the manga month by month. O_O
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