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Cue romantic music

So, yesterday I went to altheas and lena_supercat's wedding.

Which was lots of fun - certainly the most entertaining wedding I've been to.

Partially because, for once, I actually knew people beyond a few members of extended family. I probably knew people - including the bride and groom - much better than I normally would. Cue d'aww moments.

Partially because, well, geek wedding FTW! LOL Gazebo!

And partially because of altheas's glorious collapse. Face it, Rob, that's going to be family gossips for you guys for decades. Fainting in the middle of your own wedding...

The reception was much fun, too. With all the sangria and the origami flowers. And the vodka toast. And the tequila toast. And the dance list with songs such as Numa Numa and Skullcrusher Mountain.

I mean, how can you not approve of a wedding where they play Still Alive during the cutting of the wedding cake? Class.
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