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Please excuse my temporary hair-pulling insanity

Firstly: Apologies to anyone that I've dropped out of a conversation with in the past couple of days - or the next couple of days, for that matter.

See, I've come down with a case of Computer Woes.

For some reason, on Friday my computer wouldn't turn on when you pressed the on button. This was something of a problem, so I rang the place I got it, someone suggested it was a problem with the the internal power supply, I should bring it in and get a replacement, ra ra ra.

'Course, I didn't fancy lugging it around on public transport, so it had to wait until today, when I could get a lift from The New Housemate. But that was fine, since they were open on Saturdays.

So today I took it in.

Problem number one: Apparently the price I was quoted for service was the weekday one. I could either wait until Monday, or pay extra to get it done today. Eventually, I went with the pay extra option.

Problem number two: Upon testing, they noticed there was something a bit off with the operating system, so they needed to fic that too, and it might take a bit longer, okay? Which was still fine by me.

Problem number three: When I went to pick it up at the time they said it'd be ready... it wasn't. Because there wasn't just a problem with the operating system, the whole hard-drive had parts that were (somehow) corrupted. And so I needed to get a whole new hard-drive.

And thus I ended up hanging around the store for an hour while they back up my data and installed a new hard-drive. Fun.

And now I have to reinstall like, all my programs. And figure out all the settings which I had sorted out, which will be fun.

On the plus side, I now have a 500 gig hard-drive, as well as that external one.


Incidentally, does anyone know how to transfer over play counts and whatever in iTunes from one hard-drive to another? I know it is theoretically possible, since I did it when I went from the laptop to this computer, and I haven't the faintest idea how I did it.

And so now I have thousands of freaking songs, many of which I have listened to a hell of a lot of times, all without all those nifty last played and how often played.

So if anyone knows how I can transfer that over, they will get eternal gratitude, because this is really bugging me.

ETA: Never mind that iTunes bit; Google once more has all the answers. However, anyone know of a decent free anti-virus program?
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