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There are some very strange ideas for stories around, and some are inside my head

So, what is going on with me now that technology is once more my miniondoing what I want it to do?

...Not much, apparently.

Have read a couple of books:

- The marvelously titled Time Machines Repaired While-U-Wait, which starts off really good, takes a trip into the epically bizarre about half-way through (And this is a book where time-machines are apparently as common as iPods, so it's especially bizarre), and ends with a whimper rather than a bang, to my slight disappointment.

- And am currently reading the new Diana Wynne Jones book Enchanted Glass, which I had no idea about until I saw it on a shelf at Minotaur today.

I've also started reading the D.Gray-Man manga since The New Housemate has, like, 13 volumes worth of it. And he borrows my DVDs, so it's only fair. It's alright so far, though it hasn't exactly broken my personal top ten.

And that's about it as far as interesting goes for me. Unless you count my dreams, which seem to have taken a trip into bizarredom once more. I mean, the other night I dreamed that Mum had me committed to a mental institution, which was deeply, deeply disturbing and I'm not sure what part of my subconscious that came from. NOTE TO MY MOTHER: DON'T COMMIT ME TO A MENTAL INSTITUTION, 'KAY?

Of course, in the latter parts of that dream I ended up with some kind of mysterious magical powers somehow, and then proceeded to troll the fuck out of everyone in the institution. As one does.

On a more cheerful note, the Snapefen are on Fandom_Wank again. As people in the comments note, there's something incredibly comforting about Harry Potter wank. It's like one of the constants of the world, a fact you can rely on. The sun will rise, the night will end, and somewhere in Harry Potter fandom, someone will be throwing a tantrum over something.
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