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Not entirely about silly things, I swear!

Well, today was productive. Sort of.

In any case, I think I have my time-table for this semester sorted out - almost. (I say almost because I still need to wait for adjustments to be approved et al.)

Because, well, I didn't really like the idea of having six straight hours of class on Wednesday, without even a lunch break. But some highly sophisticated emailing may have things under wraps.

And hey, no classes on Thursdays or Fridays.

What else? Oh yes, tomorrow I am taking part in Vindaloo Against Violence. Because really, eating Indian food for a good cause sounds like my idea of an awesome social movement.

Most of the rest of what I've been up to has been far more... well, silly.


- Attempting not to get into edit wars on TV Tropes. And mostly succeeding. Go go self-restraint!

- Axe Cop! Truly the greatest webcomic in existance. Far more comics should be based on a 5 year olds ideas

- And randomly watching vids and AMVs, most of which are kind of ridiculous.
Some of my favourites (For a certain value of favourite) include:
these two Code Geass AMVs on NicoNico (Which, incidentally also has some of the most amazingly cracktastic brilliance I have ever seen floating around)
And Another Code Geass AMV, this one on YouTube. Also, hey Les Mis music for bonus tear-jerker points.
The most appropriate song choice for a Light Yagami AMV ever. Also on YouTube.
Way too many ice skating vids to mention. (The craziness of some ice skaters just... defies words. In a good way)

And now I need to watch the most recent FMA:B episode.
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