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In which animanga fandom produces much LOL WOTery

The world of animanga provided me with much WTFery today. Some of which was good WTFery, but still...

- In April, an excerpt from the 10th Haruhi Suzumiya novel will be published in a Japanese magazine.

Yes, the 10th novel actually appears to be seeing the light of day sometime soon. Wonders never cease. But where will I go to look for fan translations of it, now the last site got pulled down?

- So, apparently there is an "American Manga" written by Gene Simmons' son (!). Nothing special, right? Well, apparently large chunks of it were inspired, copied and downright traced from a number of notable manga, Bleach most obviously. Cue epic shitstorm.

ETA: Now also on Fandom Wank.

I don't even read Bleach (though I know some people on my flist do), I'm just boggling that he thought he could get away with something that blatant. I mean look at the comparisons. That's not even subtle plaigarising.

In other news, I am attempting to get myself back on a remotely normal sleeping pattern before my classes start up again. Because, well, I fortunately don't have any 9am starts. But there are always morning classes. Joy.
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