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And so it starts again

So, I had precisely one lecture today, on the first day of class for this year, and I showed up late. Admittedly, I couldn't find the damn lecture theatre.

Said lecture, incidentally was for Introduction to Life, Earth and the Universe, which I keep mentally parsing as "Introduction to Life, the Universe and Everything".

Which would been a fun class to have, now that I think about it.

Apart from that, I spent most of my day at Uni rushing around doing important things: renewing my student card, getting grumpy because they moved the damn Science Student Centre, paying bills, and getting my newspaper subsciptions. Because whatever would I do without my two newspapers a day?

And then I toddled up to join FOUL, in which I now appear to be, frighteningly enough, one of the oldbies. This is kind of terrifying.

But FOUL was lulzy amusement, I got to catch up with people (and take part in the requisite absurdity) for the first time in ages.

And that was my first day back. Fun.

My weekend wasn't all that enthralling, either. On Saturday, one of the downstairs apartments was auctioned (That's the second one in the past couple of weeks), so I got to sit in my room with the window open listening to the auctioneer. Didn't hear how much it sold for, though.

And yesterday I managed to burn my finger on the steam when I made rice. Which was rather painful as I was trying to sleep last night.

In other news, I appear to have a budding social life in the next couple of weekends. This Saturday frabjously is having an Unbirthday, which looks like fun, and the weekend after is my cousin's wedding.

Soon, I think I will run out of cousins to have weddings, you know.
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