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In my bedroom, dead Cthulhu lies dreaming

You know, when you have two classes directly after one another, there should be some sort of rule of against scheduling them on opposite sides of the campus.

Though, the fact that my first class of the morning was right near somewhere that makes pretty good coffee almost makes up for it. Almost.

In other news, I am now Cthulu. FEAR ME, OH PUNY MORTALS.

...Yeah, ask Allen for an explanation of what one. I mean, I don't feel particularly tentacular or anything.

Also, today was Star Trek club. We watched Wrath of Khan, which was highly entertaining, though admittedly as much for the amusing commentary from the audience as anything in the film itself. (At one point we got on a tangent about how Khan was Lady Gaga. Really.)

You know, I'd forgotten how Uni seems to be make me excessively posty on LJ. Though it's more the clubs and social stuff than the classes themselves, actually.
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