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I spent far too much time trying not to be reminded of the Wizards of Unseen University, really

So, yesterday was The Sister's graduation. And thus I now know exactly what goes on in graduations, and am thus prepared for my own in the future. Though I still don't get why they kick everyone out of Union House on Wednesday afternoons.

And yes, it is a scary, scary thought that my sister has graduated before I have. Indeed. At least I'll be allowed to have more letters after my name when I'm done.

But we did the official family photos thing, and she got to swan around in robes all afternoon. (No funny hat, alas. Apparently for our Uni you only get those for Masters or above) And there was the actual official ceremony, with the choir singing in Latin a song with lyrics that are really weird when translated, and lots of old people in crazy robes, and The Most Awesome Weapon Looking Thing Ever.

And then we sat through some speeches, and cheered her when she got given her diploma. And then sat through everyone else getting their diplomas. (The Sister's BFF and I amused ourselves by finding people with complicated names and then listening to see if the announcer screwed up the pronunciation).

And then there was the free food!

So, all in all an interesting enough day, though I don't think I'd sit through it for someone who I wasn't related to. Or, you know, my own when it comes.

I also decided to give the Terrifying Boots a test run. Apart from the fact they made me look like a foot taller than my sister in the photos, I have discovered it is like physically impossible to run in them. Also, I should avoid wearing them if I plan on getting drunk. That could end badly.

Otherwise, next weekend I am planning on heading back to Hamilton for the Easter weekend. Partly for, you know, Easter. And family. And partly to clear out all my old stuff from the farm so it doesn't get thrown away whenever Dad eventually ends up leaving Australia. Gosh, what a thrilling adventure that will be.

On the plus side, it is Easter, which means chocolate! But I will miss seeing the new FMA OP and ED live, woe.
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