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Whee, Supanova!

So, that was fun. Not the most fun I have ever had - I really need to get to more cons with fan-run discussion panels, instead of just Q&As with celebs. Or at least with more celebs I really care about. And I need to find some people I know to attend these things with me, for added lulz factor. Also, it was bloody hot in the building.

But yeah, it was a decent waste of a day.

Saw the cosplay contest (at least until it was almost over and everyone was starting to trail off boredly), saw Yuri Lowenthal's panel, was going to go to Gareth David-Lloyd's one, but decided I couldn't be bothered waiting for the crowd.

Wandered around looking at the non-competition cosplayers. There were the usual suspects in terms of who they dressed as, some utterly cracktastic ones, some amusingly bad ones - I'm looking at you, cardboard box gundams - and some really good ones, even outside the contest. There was a rather decent Suzaku wandering around, and half-way through the day he ended up changing outfits, from Knight of Seven to Knight of Zero. I have a picture of him, I think. Bless, his mum made the costume.)

And of course looking at all the stalls and merchandise and whatnot. I got some manga I've read but didn't own (including the last volume of Hellsing); second season of Black Lagoon, since I'd given up on JB Hi-Fi ever getting it in (Naturally, the contacted me a couple of hours later to say it had arrived); a Death Note (...what?); a spiffy white blouse from the gothic lolita shop; and a keyring that smells like cake. Really.

Oh, and there were also the signings. Cue evil laugh.

Anyway, Yuri Lowenthal is a lovely, lovely man and I have decided I won't hear a word against him. Not only did he sign my Code Geass boxset and have a picture with me, but when I asked him to say something for me to record, not only did he say what robotloveI suggested, no problems, but when I showed him the picture it was from, he asked for another take so he could make it sound, and I quote, "more passionate."

Oh yeah.

...Yes, that is in all likelihood the most shamelessly fangirly thing I have ever done. I regret nothing!

Now who's going to record Johnny Yong Bosch saying Lelouch's part?
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