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Ows, both literal and metaphorical

Well, on the plus side I didn't have a science prac this week; on the minus side, the one next week is going to be a test. Which I suppose means study time next weekend. Ack. At least it's only 5% of the subject mark.

As for SSRM, I have to prepare a survey for next week's class as well. (Also for my final result) Anyone got an idea of what I could investigate under the subtopic of racism and/or nationalism? Or I could just be sterotypical and look into the experiences of international students at Melbourne Uni.

In other news, I have decided that I am going to declare war on holes in the footpath.

You know those little holes - the kind that lead down to pipes or wires or whatever, and are covered up by little metal lids? Someone didn't fit the lid back on one of them properly, so it flipped when I stepped on it yesterday. And I had limp home and now my foot is a lovely bruisey purple. Ow.

I swear, my feet are like cursed or something.
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