Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

Maths Leads to the Dark Side...

Well, the Maths Exam is done. I have now gone and failed Maths. If I have actually passed this exam, it'll be a freaking miracle. Seriously, it was like a comedy of errors. Only without the comedy.

*le sigh*

As it so happens, I was sitting in a terrible position (Complete with yet another wobbly table - I am starting to suspect they are designed like that, just to make things more complicated)Said position was arranged so that I could not actually see the clock, and thus had absolutely no idea how far into the exam I was.

Which is really not a good thing. Because I ended up only getting up to the sixth question of ten, despite the fact I could actually do the last two. I was eaving them for later, as I assumed I had another hour left, due to my inability to get an accurate record of time.

So, colour me screwed.

Um...parents? You don't mind if I drop Maths, and pick another subject to do next semester?

Because I HATE HATE HATE Maths! It sends me into fits of Capslock of RageTM, and makes me want to cry and scream and generally go all Dark Side on the world.


In other news, I have somewhere to stay until the 19th of July! (Thank you, lena_supercat) However, I will still need somewhere to crash from the 20th til the 24th. Please, anywhere would be greatly appreciated, even just a couch.

Don't worry, I'll be busy with my brand new copy of HBP at the time, so I won't cause any trouble.

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