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Keeping myself busy

So, yesterday after my test - which I am entirely certain I didn't get full marks on, but hey it could have been worse - and the biology prac after (Looking at things under microscopes! Which was kind of fun even if I kind of always needed assistants to help find things on the slide for me. Parameciums are sort of cute) I went and did me some retail therapy.

Because really, what problems can't shopping solve? Aside from lack of money.

Ended up getting a random CD of alternative music with female vocalists - pretty good, though I wish it had a higher proportion of rockier stuff - a couple of books to read, and that jacket I mentioned. Mildly insane clothes make me happy.

And then today I... did half my assignment. It's not even due for another week and a half! (...Though I admit I did the easy half). No Zombie Shuffle for me, apparently unlike most other people I know.

And tomorrow evening I am off to see Iron Man 2 with neo_leviathan and pals. Hopefully weather will be suitable to wear my new jacket.

So, something of a productive weekend by my standards.

And of course next weekend is Mother's Day, so Mum will be coming down to see Jersey Boys with The Sister and I, and then we shall have High Tea on Sunday. ~Fancy~, I know.
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