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Too much cake is a bad thing. Possibly.

Well, that made for an interesting Mother's Day. Or Mother's Day weekend, I suppose. (It was also my Dad's birthday. On Mother's Day. As one does.)

Last night we went to go see Jersey Boys, which turned out to be pretty decent for a show I knew like nothing about. Incidentally, I had no idea how many of those old songs I knew were actually by the Four Seasons. Funny that.

And today we went to the Windsor Hotel for lunch. Well, High Tea, technically, but it was at lunch time. And yes, that meant that for lunch today I had cucumber sandwiches and a whole lotta cake.

It was quite nice, anyway, very ~fancy~, and it made for a rather decent day.

Until the part just after we left when I ended up throwing up, which was sort of a downer ending. No idea why, either.

And then I went home and did that assignment which is due tomorrow, and sat around feeling meh.

...So less of a fun ending to the day. I think I shall watch the most recent Ashes to Ashes episode, and wait for FMA scanlations to show.
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