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Stuff completely unrelated to that assignment I handed in

This was actually brought up the other day, but in the wake of other things I forgot to mention it here. So, I suppose I should put it to you guys.

When Mum was down here, she asked what I was doing for my birthday - my birthday coming up in about two and half weeks. And I have no idea, 'cause I have yet to come up with any actual plans.

So: Any ideas of what I should get up to for my birthday? Any decent movies coming out in the next few weeks, anything on in Melbourne I should check out, any other brilliant ideas for something I should host?

My birthday's on Friday the 28th, if that helps any - That's the last day of actual classes at Melbourne Uni.

'Cos I had a complete mental blank when I was asked about it, but I want to do something fun.

I also need to come up with a present to ask Mum for, too. Ack!
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