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Hasta La Vista, Baby(ies) AKA The Big Ginormous Links Post of DOOM.

Well, once again I must vanish into the ether, as I am heading back home, or as it is also known, The Land With Very Little Internet Access. So be prepared for my posts over the next month to be few and far between, and not particularly interesting.

By the time my posts are frequent again, 1. It will be the end of July, and 2. HBP will have been released. So there will probably be a slight fandom obsession shift. Oh, my fandoms, how I love you so!


I shall miss you, LJ, I really shall!

In order to supply you lot with something interesting to do without updates for me, I decided to dump all my fun links into the one post.

From My Memories Page

Things I Am Not Allowed To Do At Hogwarts: Yes, the entire list, appendices, other peoples additions, and more! Hours and hours worth of stuff to read, and painfully funny.

A Brief, Brief History of Time: For the science geek in all of us. Physicist Slash! Singing Scientists! Black Hole Cartoons! A Smart-Arse Universe! Crazy Hair! What’s not to love?

The Book of Fanfic: Whoever said that God didn’t like fanfiction? Amen, brother. Amen.

LotR Characters Discuss Oscars Snub: An oldy, but a goody. Makes me smile everytime I read it.

Images of Femininity in the Harriet Potter series: Take the Harry Potter series. Invert all the characters’ genders. Discuss gender roles. Result = freaking hysterical. And the comments are even better than the actual post…

One Hundred Surreal Things That Have Happened to Me.: No, not me me, the author of this. Who I sincerely wish I had known during my childhood. Or, you know, now. Because good gods that would be entertaining.

What if John Hughes had directed Star Wars instead of George Lucas…: Yes, it is just a scan in of one of the SW Tales comics. Doesn’t stop it being funny, though.

Breadbox Editions: I almost cried when evadne_noel took these off ff.net. Then I discovered her LJ. Yes, I only have two in my memories. But they are all so good, I had to link to the lot of them. And so we have movie parodies! Lots and lots of movie parodies!

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in Fifteen Minutes : Because you can never get enough movie parodies. And this one just rocks.
Choice Line = DEMENTOR: *dements*

Yet Another Movie Parody: In this case, of RotS. It was metaquoted (numerous times) and deservedly so.

L-Space and Movies: Yes, it is technically a movie parody. But, good gods, it’s a funny one! And I haven’t even seen Kingdom of Heaven.

Things I Have Linked To In The Past

Why The St Kilda Football team is Like the Fellowship of the Ring: Because it still makes me giggle. And ant_power is far too funny for her own good.

Books in Adobe Format: Courtesy of aeque. It’s free books! How can you not love this site?

ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD: Nuff said, really.

This, This and This: Just a few images commenting on the similarities between a certain religious figure, and a certain science fiction dictator…

Wave/Particle Slash: Inspired by Brief Brief History of Time (see above), and the coolest thing EVER.

Darth Vader’s Blog: There are no words as to how freaking amazing this is. Fanfiction at it’s best, it’s clever, witty and at times very poignant. A PDF download version is available, But I say go for the blog itself, because the comments and running jokes are absolutely priceless.

Best. Icons. Ever.: Considering I have been plugging this site left, right and centre, I though I ought to add it to the links list. But seriously, this icons rock mightily.

Darth Vader for Pope: The title says all you need to know, really. It’s a petition – go sign it already!

Guardian in the Desert: AKA The Fic In Which I Will Be Killed Off In The Next Update. Read it, it’s great, and you can check out my Award-Winning Delurk™ whilst you are there.

Ultimate OTP Meme: Because the pictures are the cutest things ever, and it’s random and amusing. I could spend hours playing with this site. Literally.

And a few LJ communities I happen to enjoy:
vold_e_mart: No, I’m not trying to live up to being Employee of the Month. Not at all…*shifty eyes*
babb_chronicles: Oh, badfic quotes, how I love you…
hungrysarlacc: It’s like Babb Chronicles, but for Star Wars! Brilliant!
deu_sex_machina: Best. Fanfic MSTs. Ever. Pity it hasn’t been updated in an age.
And if you want to find something that is sure to break your brain, check out bible_slash

Other Sites I Have Found

Bejeweled 2: Most addictive game ever. schnurble, I blame you.

Periodic Table Haikus: It’s the Periodic Table. It’s the Periodic Table with haikus for all the elements. There are no words!

Eye of Argon MST: It’s an MST of The Eye of Argon. Do I need an explanation for this?

Science Fiction Writers Strike Back: Best. Hoax. Ever. Just read it.

If LotR Had Been Written By…: People have fun playing around with LotR and other authors. People have evn more fun reading it.

Pope Benedict XVI: This is an entirely serious link. No really, it is. I mean, if you want proof, check out the picture…

A Dork Tower Comic: Hey, I’m not even a role-player, and I still found this comic hysterically funny.

Jacen Solo is the Half-Blood Prince!: The thread title says it all.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Jedi Sex Symbol: This was actually published in a serious newspaper. That alone makes it all worth reading.

Grocery Store Wars: It’s Star Wars with vegetables. What more can I say?

NOOOO!!!!: Yes, it’s the line that has birthed a million mockings, but damn, some of that mocking is good.

And Yet Again, Another Movie Parody: What can I say, except I really like movie parodies?

And A Few Random Fanfic Links…

My Fic: What would a links page be without a few gratuitous self-plugs? *cough**review whore**cough*

Me Again!: Not because my fic at ff.net is actually any different, but mainly for my favourites page. Lots of Star Wars and Harry Potter recs, and a few Discworld ones (particularly among the Favourite Authors).

A few of the best (in my opinion are):
Dzeytoun: My favourite HP author. Absolutely astounding stuff, especially Daddy’s Favourite, where he works miracles with alternate viewpoints. The Here Be Monsters stories are fantastic, also. However, updates have been unfortunately slowed since Dzeytoun got a real life book deal. As good as it is for him, I want more fanfic!

Kenya Starflight: She’s not dark, she’s not angsty (much), but damn she’s a lot of fun. Lots of enjoyable Star Wars stuff here, and a few f the better crossovers that I have read, also.

Jedi Harris: It’s a Buffy/Star Wars crossover, and it’s good. Oh, and there are also crossover references (albeit brief) to Charmed, Discworld and Stargate. Don’t let that fool you – It’s a freaking fantastic story. It starts with the simple question: What if Xander had worn a different costume that Halloween? But then the good old Butterfly Effect takes hold, and boy, do things change…

Legend: A different look at the future of the Buffyverse. It’s short, but damn it’s good.

And some non ff.net stories:

Severus Looks in the Mirror: An illustrated drabble so beautiful it hurts.

Improbable: It’s a H2G2/HP crossover. It’s slash smut. It’s also hysterically funny, and brilliantly written.

Naked Quidditch Match: Everyone’s read this, haven’t they? And if you haven’t, why the hell not?

Stealing Harry: Because there are no words describing exactly how much I love this story. In fact, everything by copperbadge is worth recommending.

shoebox_project: Because it’s Shoebox Project!

There are about a million more stories out there that I love. These just happened to be the few I could find links for right now. For more great ones, check out my favourites page, or anything from the lists below.

Rec Lists:

Nomad’s Realm Fic Recs: A great list of multi-fandom recs. The Star Wars recs are great, the Buffy and Angel recs are great, the Harry Potter recs are great. It’s all great, really.

Rynne’s Remus/Sirius Reclist: Yes, I am linking to a slash reclist. However, it’s about the most comprehensive reclist I have ever found, complete with links to other reclists, essays, communities and more. And I like Remus/Sirius…

Painless J’s Themed Lists: Something for everyone here, no matter how unusual. Some really great stuff here, but a warning against some of the “kinky” or disturbing lists: Some of those fics have given me nightmares, and some I had to stop reading because I was so disturbed. But if you stick to the ship or non-kink themed lists and you should be fine.

Jetamors' Page of Harry Potter Gen Recs: As I commented to imadra_blue, Genfic/Us = OTP. And there really is some great stuff here.

swrecs: For Star Wars recs.
crack_van: For Multi-fandom recs.

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