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*sings* There's a Starman, waiting in the sky...

I so should have not made those Life On Mars jokes the other day. I've been getting Bowie songs stuck in my head ever since.

Admittedly, all the pre-finale discussion at a2ashes hasn't been helping much.

...And I've somehow gotten into a discussion on Facebook about David Bowie's tight, tight pants. (Why do I not have a Jareth icon? *sigh*)

It even got brought up during my SSRM tute today, although I admit that class has a history of WTFery. And what with the long discussion on studying people who play video games, it's not like today was much different than usual.

We did get this wonderful quote out of it: "Let's operationalise lameness!"

And students making Your Mum jokes at the tutor.

Quick, someone get something else stuck in my head!
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