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Because everyone loves a party

So, I have less than poasty over the last couple of days, because I have been rather busy in an AFK sense what with celebration and all that. Thanks, incidentally, to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. Internet hugs for all! \o/

Anyways, yesterday afternoon, I met up with fa11ing_away for coffee and cake at Brunetti's. Which was fun catching up - I haven't seen her in a while, which feels kinda weird. Then we went down to the National Gallery for a bit - we meant to go see the Tea Exhibition, but we kinda got lost (and then distracted by painting of pretty clothes), and so by the time we found it, it was closing time. And on the way back we checked out a free exhibition about Sir Robert Helpmann at the Arts Centre.

Then we went and joined up with other people. Who weren't technically there for my birthday, but I decided I would claim the celebration as my own, anyhow. Went to a Malaysian place for dinner, had a cocktail at 1806, then we toddled up to Lanigan's and had some more drinks. And watched some of Lesbian Vampire Killers. Which is, in my opinion, the perfect movie to watch drunk.

And then I went home.

Today I met up with Dad, and he got me a new phone. The iPhone was decided to be a bit too expensive, so instead I got an LG smartphone. Which is rather nifty - or at least will be once I get it connected to a network (I had to get a new SIM card, since the old one was getting old and crappy, and wasn't really great for Internet browsing. The lady on the support line said they can take up to 24 hours to get fully activated. So hopefully it should work properly tomorrow evening).

Then we met up with The Sister - she got me chocolate and a JB Hi-Fi voucher, now I just need to work out if there's anything I want to get - and we had Thai for dinner.

And that was th end of my birthday celebrations (at least until I see Mum next weekend).

And now for something completely different, a random bit of trivia that just occurred to me today, and I am finding kinda amusing: So apparently, Suzaku has a birthday on the exact same day as my mother.
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