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On the plus side, I got through two and bit books

I have my computer back, and all is right with the world.

Didn't even lose any data or anything (though yes, I just spent several hours backing shit up. Even if that means I am now running out of space on the external hard-drive). New screen works fine, even if I am still getting used to the new speakers - I can't tell if they aren't as good quality, or if the different location is just fucking with me.

...And the people for the old screen rang, and since it's in warranty, they'll fix it for free, even if it'll take a while. Which means I may end up with two screens. Yay me?

It did mean the internet capabilities of my new phone got something of a work-out, mind.

And my essay is still there, even if I am kinda behind where I wanted to be. *sigh* Lucky I had already gotten a start on it, huh?

Best guest for my problems seems to be a power surge went and borked both of them at the same time (I just didn't notice the computer was fucked without a monitor). I've since replaced the powerboard they were on - it was making an odd noise, so I ditched it - and hopefully this won't happen again.

...Tomorrow Mum comes down for my birthday dinner with her. So that should be a slightly less stressful amount of fun.

In other news, I made pea soup. Lots and lots of pea soup. I think two dinners in a row is enough pea soup, but it's still there in a lunch-box in the fridge, gone all... solid. It's mildly disturbing.
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