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Every post is better with kittens and squee

So, Mum came down to Melbourne for the (other) birthday dinner yesterday, with her and The Sister. We had Mexican (the Taco Bill's kind) with frozen margarita, and then went and saw Fame, which was rather better than I had expected. With frozen daiquiris. The dancing was great, though I am going to have that Fame song - you know the one - stuck in my head forever. Also, I ended up getting rickrolled by the pre-show music in the theatre, GDit 80s!

And I got me one of those light up cocktail glasses. It changes colours!

Oh, presents from Mum were a purple and black scarf, a silver cat pendent thing, and two more charms for my bracelet - a birthstone one (Not sure exactly which stone it is supposed to be. Something green, anyway), and a cocktail glass. How appropriate.

And now for some fun stuff:

Some random entertaining stuff I found, mostly via ontd_political.
- A freaking awesome piece of art about books
- Popcorn Kittens! The most adorably bouncy things ever. I think someone spiked their food with caffeine or something.

I hear epic shit went down in today's episode of FMA:B. I can has subs soon, plz?

Also on the subject of FMA, this awesome post about why FMA should have a happy ending. (Spoilers up to manga chapter 107)

...Yeah, it's just about time that the manga is going to start leaking any day now. *freaks out*

Oh, and assignment is now half finished, as I completed the lit review today. Tomorrow I get started on methodology stuff. A thousand words to do that, the ethics part and the reflection.
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