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I am weirdly chatty considering how little I actually did today

You know, earlier this evening, someone rang our place... and asked for a family sized pizza. I'm not entirely sure what that was about.


I think I would die of squee if something actually came of that. And then possibly just die if it wasn't good.

Following up on yesterday's post, a couple of (spoilery) FMA one-shots I liked. There's probably more good ones out there, these are just some that struck my fancy. All have spoilers for Chapter 108.
- And In The End (Ensemble)
- A Puppy Story (Some Royai)
- Promised Pecentages (Ed/Winry)

Anyway, to-do list for tomorrow:
- Hand in final SSRM assignment.
- Meet up with Dad for dinner before he goes to Thailand. Again.
- Go to the anime shop to get Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu, since I will actually have time to marathon series after my exam

And a random dose of amusement, the entirety of an email from my Mother, from a conversation about bus trips from Philadelphia:

"The Niagara Falls are near Buffalo, Atlantic City is a beach resort/casino complex, Washington is where Barack hangs out."

...Well, it amused me. And we're apparently going to Washington, anyhow.
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