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Boringtown, Victoria (Weekly Update 2)

Yet again, I have very little to report from out here in The Middle of NowhereTM. *sighs*

Still, I have a few random bits and pieces, which have amused/occupied/worried me through the last week, so I thought I might as well share them with all and sundry.

Have done extremely little, except watch TV, read a bit and mourn my lack of Internet access. It’s tragic, it truly is!

Books read this week:
Deep Secret, by Diana Wynne Jones. (A fantasy book, largely set at a fantasy convention. Great idea, really. I spent like half the book working out which convention guest reminded me of which Second Floor person.)
Evil Genius, by Catherine Jinks. (Hey, with a title like that, how could I resist?)

I have decided that the show on Channel Ten, House, is freaking amazing. It is just so hysterically funny, and Dr. House is just such a wonderfully sarcastic bastard, I can’t help but love him. My Mum thinks it’s great, also.

Also, I have been watching those new episodes of Doctor Who, and have come to the conclusion that Daleks are officially the coolest things ever. Though the rest of the show is also pretty good, in my opinion.

I want a Dalek.

Oh, and on The Glasshouse this week, they mentioned that apparently some Uni students are so malnourished, they are now suffering from Scurvy, of all things. This amused me greatly.

Another very amusing thing to do is something my sister and I discovered - stay up late, in a highly giggly mood, then either listen/watch the sports commentary. You'd be amazed at how very wrong some of it ends up sounding, particularly the cricket.

In news about…well, news, the fact that the Prime Minister has supposedly “gained control of the Senate” is starting to severely worry me. Because, where exactly was the last time you have heard that particular phrase used? And the fact that he sent troops to the War in Iraq, and is not willing to withdraw them…and that Saddam Hussein was found in a hole in the ground…

Dude, any day now, I am expecting to hear him sprout out the phrase “I am the Senate!” and bring out the electric hands.

Also, just this morning I heard the phrase “Separatist Movement” used to describe the actions of certain Australians (admittedly, in relation to Indonesia at the time.) But this is really starting to freak me out – I am suffering from a severe case of WTF-ness right now.

The world is a very, very strange place.

And some more from the Stupid Baby Names File:
I found a girl in the Herald Sun who was named “Sahara.” Which really is a bad enough name in it’s own right – would you want to be named after something dry, lifeless and barren? – but it gets even worse. Said girl’s last name is Dolphin.

Yes, this now means there is a little girl somewhere in this state going around with the name “Sahara Dolphin.” Sounds like some exotic new marine animal species.

I pity the poor child.

And Mum went and brought me a tale from work about baby names. Apparently, one of her patients was such a big fan of Star Wars, they went and named one of their children “Obi.” Uh-huh.

Seriously, these people are giving Star Wars fans a bad name! However, it is only to be expected with this patient – Mum didn’t say what they were there for, but it was strongly implied they were a *cough**Methadone patient**cough*

Hamilton is as blah as ever, though seeing it is now school holidays, the cinema has finally gotten in some reasonably recent movies. So this morning, I went and saw Star Wars yet again. *shrugs* Hey, I’m obsessed, what did you expect? Though I am planning to see Batman Begins later on.

Though on a slightly amusing note, when I saw it with The Sister, and one of her friends, the two of them went and bought a cheap Darth Vader mask, and wore it while we waited for the Cinema to open. They got some very odd looks.

Though, the Op-shops are quite good value. I went and raided the five (yes, five) of them last week for scarves, and managed to grab six of them for four dollars all up.

Because one can never have too many scarves.

Also, the town library has just changed from being Glenelg Regional to being Central Highlands Regional. Which means very little, except they are getting in new people who aren’t on a first name basis with me.

I don’t know whether to be sad about this, or worried that all the old librarians knew me so well.

In net-type news, yet again I have been nominated for Employee of the Month at good ol’ vold_e_mart. Which is wonderful and thrilling and yay-ness, but lack of net access means I couldn’t write a speech to get myself voted to said position on time.

Oh, well. Perhaps I’ll be noble, and let someone else win this month.

Random Sister Quotes:
(Out of absolutely nowhere) “That’s what I need…a hip-flask!”

(To me) “Oh, come on. Be fun!”

“I want peanut butter to sooth my pain!”

“I love putting my fingers through fire. It makes me feel powerful.”

(And by her friend Kieran): "You can get Grape Wine, can't you?"

And news for kniblet: The t-shirt you sent me arrived this week! I am very excited and thankful, because 1. It fits; 2. It made me crazy-happy, which is always good in the boredom around here; and 3. It made my Mum laugh.

You now have my eternal love and devotion, and there are no words for how much thanks I am giving to you.

As soon as I am back at college, I’ll post a picture of me wearing it on here. But at least I now know exactly what I’ll be wearing on the 16th of July. (15 days: Who-hoo!)

If you ever want something random or interesting from Australia, feel free to give me a buzz, and I’ll send it over.

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