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Because everyone enjoys being tested on shit they will *never ever actually use*

I have finished exams. FOREVER! *\o/*

...Now I just need to wait until the 9th of July for results.

But yes, the Introduction to Stuff shut up, that's what I'm calling it now exam was this morning. Incidentally, I hate morning exams, they require waking up at unhealthily early hours. Either it wasn't as hard as I expected or my last minute studying paid off. Still didn't manage to finish all the questions, though - skipped over one of the biology questions because I had no idea, and I ran out of time for the last geology one.

Still, that was most of the stuff answered. And since I worked out that technically I could pass the subject so long as I get more than one third of the exam right... I think I'm good to go.

Then I went and wandered around Lygon Street for a bit, had cake at Brunetti's, went to the Friendly Neighbourhood Comic Shop of Dubious Legality to get a copy of Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu (I swear, every time I go in that shop, the Wall Of Gundams has grown), went to JB Hi-Fi to pick up the first set of FMA:B, and generally just bummed around the city for a bit.

Plus, as robotlove pointed out to me over Twitter, I came home to a new chapter of Primary Gain. Which was an entirely welcome surprise

And now I am getting tired, so I suppose it'll be a relatively early night for me. Stupid early mornings.

Still... FREEDOM! GLORIOUS FREEDOM! And I head off to the States in a month precisely. Huzzah!

Also check out my nifty new moodtheme, which I got from working_genius. It's just plain nifty.
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