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Jobs and Homunculi. What an interesting mix.

So, since my exams are over and done with, Mother Dearest rang me to insist on getting a job - or at least looking for something to start after I get back from the America trip.

And so today I did. Or at least I checked out a couple of jobs websites, which is close enough for today. And not real productive either.

...You know, there should be some rule against advertising a job as a "graduate opportunity" and then in the requirements insist upon several years of full time work in the field. Seriously.

Anyone got any ~personal connections~ to jobs on offer? Preferably not too crappy?

Oh, and I had a very brief call from Dad today. Apparently he had his first day of teaching Thai children English. *sigh*

In other news, I have very little other news. So have some FMAB AMVS:
- The Glorious Ones, Homunculi tribute, spoilers to 61 I think.
- How Far We've Come, spoilers to episode 61 (and the final image is from manga chapter 108). Also, really kickass.

Also, this post-series fic, is a thing of hilarious wonder.
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