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Drakyndra watches stuff. As one does.

So, despite a distinct lack of response to my post about it, and went and saw Toy Story Three last night. It was very good, and I cried like a baby through, like, the last half.

Though egads, ticket prices get expensive. And now I sound like one of those people complaining about the good ol' days when everything was cheap. Though you used to be able to see movies at the Hamilton Cinema for five dollars. The selection was crap, but it was cheap.

On the down side, on the way home I lost one of my earrings. And it was one of my nice red dangly ones, too. I like those earrings!

Apart from that, I've been... watching other stuff. New Futurama, subs of the most recent FMA:B episode, the second season of Full Metal Panic. Well, it's bloody cold out at the moments, and I'd rather stay in my room, where I can put the heater on and keep warm.

Oh, and I got back my last SSRM assignment - that one I was working on when you computer was being stupid. Got a H2A for it. Since it was worth 50 percent of the subject mark, and for the 25 percent assignments I got a H2A and a H2B, I'm now extrapolating that my final mark is a H2something.

And I have an appointment at the doctor's tomorrow. (Nothing's actually wrong, just more delightful needle jabbings for me.)
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