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I Vant To Suck Your Blood! Or not. (Weekly Update 3)

Well, this week as been slightly more interesting than the last couple. Which pretty much all comes down to this Wednesday, when I was also in Hamilton. Seemed boring, but was actually quite interesting, as I not only ran into some of my friends from school – Gabby, Kate and April – but also a whole lot of other people whom I knew from school. Oh, and there was also the actual reason I was in Hamilton – namely, to donate blood.

Odd, but hey, it’s for a good cause!

*break for a shameless guilt-trip*

This is mainly aimed at the Australians on my flist, but others feel free to respond.

Anyway, Australia (and Victoria in particular) is currently suffering from a severe donor blood shortage. You have probably heard about in TV or elsewhere, but blood – especially certain blood-groups – is needed really badly. Donations can only be stored for a limited amount of time, yet while 80 percent of people will need donor blood during their lives, less than three percent will ever donate any.

So, in order to help out a little, I decide to donate. Pretty simple, really: Ring the number (13 14 95), make an appointment, turn up, fill in some questionnaires, and away you go. It didn’t hurt much – no more than an immunisation needle – and the actual donation only takes about 10 minutes of the time you are there. And you get free food afterwards! (Though I didn’t end up having any, because I got very light-headed, and had to lie down for half an hour)

So please, everyone, if you can, make a donation. It would be greatly appreciated by a lot of people, it doesn’t cost anything, and each donation can save up to three lives.

Running into my friends was actually a lot of fun. I hadn’t seen them in months, so it was good to hear what was going on in their lives, and about the wild and tempestuous ocean that is the Hamilton social scene. </sarcasm>

They told me about their social lives (or lack thereof), their boyfriends (or lack thereof), and who cheated on who with who. Which actually got very complicated. Kate is friends with A, B and C, but neither A, B or C can stand one another. Kate is going out with D. D is also A’s ex. D says his best friend is E, but E considers Kate his best friend. Oh, and E is A’s current boyfriend (I think). Also, Kate ran into F the other day. F was another of A’s exes (she has many…), but while they were going out, he cheated on her with both B and C. Poor Kate saw F and B together, and told A, and then saw F and C together…

Well, that’s the way things are in Hamilton. There’s nothing for the people there to do, except the other people.

Seriously, it’s better than a soap opera. But I can say this, as I have never met D or E, like Kate and C, dislike B, and utterly loathe A. Oh, and F is actually a distant cousin of mine.

Sounds like an episode of Desperate Housewives, don’t you think? Or a horribly complicated algebra problem.

Algebra. It’s the Desperate Housewives of the Mathematics world.

Anyway, We messes around for a while, gossiped, they admired my hat, I took pictures of them…lots of fun, honestly. But don’t be surprised if they show up in my holiday pictures, when I get back to college and can get around to putting them online.

Oh! I also had a haircut today. It is now quite short, down to my chin, and if you want an idea of how it looks, think Catherine Zeta-Jones in Chicago. Only minus the stupid fringe. Photos will be forthcoming.

I was also ambushed by a vicious tele-marketer this week. At first, it was all well and good, as I thought I had gotten a free mobile phone (Score!), so I was chattering along quite happily to start with. But after I had answered a huge long list of questions, the lady went and informed me that I had apparently signed up for a two year phone plan. At which point I started rapidly backpedalling, trying to make her understand I didn’t want a phone plan.

To which point the woman sounded utterly scandalised! Seriously, she sounded like that in refusing the offer, I was suggesting she go and drown her first born! Which worries me slightly, as she had almost all my details when I found out, and I am half expecting her to sign me up to the damn plan anyway, just out of spite…though I never gave her any bank details, so it’s probably not going to happen.

But damn, she was persistant!

Heh. On my Mum’s birthday list (It’s her birthday on Sunday), one of the items she asked for was an electric flypan. Yes, flypan. Personally, I think the idea of a flypan sounds fascinating, and I am most intrigued by what it is, exactly, that you do with one.

I went and saw Batman Begins this morning. Not bad at all, and very atmospheric. Oh, and I swear that kid from Nip/Tuck is that Scarecrow guy. He’s very good looking, in any case. Except, you know, when he’s a nutter with a bag on his head.

Books read this week:
- Conrad’s Fate, by Diana Wynne Jones, because it was the most recent of the Chrestomanci Chronicles, which I quite like. And it has Teenage!Christopher.
- Tough Guide to Fantasyland, again by Diana Wynne Jones. Yes, I know, I read far too many of her books. But this is absolutely brilliant, and a must read for anyone who likes Fantasy novels. Or, for that matter, writing. It is basically a parody of all those terrible cliches one finds in fantasy, and I loved all the little nods to classic fantasy novels, Lord of the Rings as the most obvious.

The Bad Baby Names File:
- The winner this week, was some little girl who had been named Electra. Which again is a shocker it it’s own right – haven’t these people heard of the Electra Complex? I mean, take a look at your Greek myths before naming your child, dears, because the main association of the name is really not something you want to imply around your daughter.

But it gets worse: The surname was Cosmos. Yes, really. The girl is named Electra Cosmos.

Sounds like an Astrophysicist Porn Star.

- Some kid had the given names Arland Murley. Terrible names, each of them, and together the only possible question is WTF were the child’s parents smoking. Or if they were just having fun with Scrabble letters.

- A boy named Bodhi. Personally, I am wondering how it is pronounced. Because the only way I can think of is “body”, and I am worried about what’s going to happen when the poor boy gets to school.

- And, the middle name A.J. Yes, A.J. Not standing for anything, but the initials themselves, complete with punctuation. Uh-huh…

Random Quotes:
(Found in a newspaper article about that protest in Melbourne): “John Howard controls the weather.”
My theory about Howard’s plans seems to be a more and more realistic idea…

April: (To me) “You don’t have my mobile number! … Kate, what’s my mobile number?”

Gabby: “It’s such a boring day…and there’s Hi-5 playing.”
This was made even more random by the fact that this was said while we were sitting in a pub…and yes, Hi-5 was actually playing.

The Sister: (About Anakin, after seeing Episode 3): “He was so hot, until he got burnt.”

I know it’s bad form to quote myself, but this occurred when I was with my friends, and I just loved it so much, I felt I had to share it.
“It’s a chocolate apocalypse…it’s a chocalypse!”

Oh, and all my sympathies go out to absolutely everyone who has been affected by the London Blasts.

ETA: Exam results are out. Got a H2B for Literature, a H3 for Psych, a Pass for Programming, and failed Maths. Naturally.

Question to Melb Uni types: how does one find out more detailed results? I wanna know what I got on my exams, and my last Lit essay.

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